Unique Innovation for Varicose Veins Treatment, First Time in Slovakia


Varicose veins often run in families, but lifestyle and work also contribute to their development. Varicose veins disease is a disease affecting mostly the superficial venous system of lower extremities. They are visible and often rise to the skin and so they become a cosmetic blemish. In our Blumental Clinic we deal with all forms of varicose veins conditions, from the smallest thread spider varices to more complex forms. The basis of successful treatment is thorough diagnostics on which basis we make treatment plan for the condition.


Get Rid of Cosmetic Issue of Varicose Veins

For permanent cosmetic laser treatment of spider veins and reticular veins we use the most advanced method CL and CS, combining cryolaser QUANTA LightC EVO with cooling appliance Zimmer Cryo 6 using sclerosant solution and high level of cooling. Sclerotherapy for this kind of feeder vein is done by high-tech infra camera VeinViewer Visio2.


We are only ones in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

We are specialised and the same time the only clinic in Slovakia and Czech Republic, which owns and uses high-tech laser. Cryolaser QUANTA LightC EVO is a laser with long and short pulse. Quanta Light EVO series is able to deliver various wavelengths even for the most challenging laser applications. It was developed so it can satisfy needs of any clinic able to carry out widest range of dermatological and aesthetic treatments.The quanta light EVO series consist of systems with two laser cavities allowing you to chose what wavelength you’d like in each cavity. Each Quanta Light EVO then has the ability to add on further wavelengths through its innovative TWAIN connection.


Full Flexibility

  • Up to 4 wavelengths in the same unit
  • Full set of hand pieces available
  • Automatic spot size detection
  • Optional Contact cooler embedded
  • Optional Skin Cryo adapter for Zimmer systems
  • TWAIN connector for IPL and Er:YAG options