Blumental Clinic - Frequently asked questions:

The extent of the varicose vein removal procedure provided is always individual, so prices are based on the size and nature of the procedure. The exact price of the procedure is always determined by a specialist based on a consultation and the optimal procedure chosen. We recommend that you undergo an initial consultation , on the basis of which you will decide whether and to what extent we will start the treatment or the procedure.

Minimally invasive methods of varicose vein removal are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and without the need for major incisions. The advantage of these procedures is the minimal painfulness of the procedure, very short postoperative recovery and quick return to work without the need for PN. The probing of the vein is done only by puncture, therefore no scar is left on the legs. The patient can walk immediately after the procedure.

In Blumental Clinic, the removal and surgery of varicose veins are performed in a minimally invasive way and on an outpatient basis. Therefore, only local anaesthesia is done during the procedure and general anaesthesia is not necessary.

A patient can undergo varicose vein surgery at any time of the year. Varicose vein surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia, therefore the operation time is not limited or restricted by the time of year.

In Blumental Clinic, we use Laser Ablation, a modern solution for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs. The entire procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. The treatment lasts

from 30 to 90 minutes

and always depends on the individual findings of the patient with varicose veins.

In the EVLT method, the patient undergoes a follow-up with a compression stocking 24 hours after the procedure. The duration of wearing the compression stocking subsequently depends on the individual varicose vein recovery. For the CLACS method, wearing a compression stocking is usually not necessary.

Blumental Clinic is located at Mýtna 48 in Bratislava. The way to the clinic is easy, you park in the underground garage (Block G), the entrance of which is located just behind Billa. From the underground garage (Block G) you will take the elevator to the second floor, where our staff will be waiting for you. If you have any orientation problems, feel free to ask the receptionist on the zero floor, she will guide you or call us on the phone number and we will be happy to help you.

At Blumental Clinic, we often encounter patients who have not had a good experience with varicose vein surgery performed at another clinic and contact us to have it repaired. Varicose vein repair is possible, the method of surgery depends on the previous method of varicose vein removal and the extent of the procedure. In any case, you can make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists, who will recommend a specific procedure.

In Blumental Clinic, we perform surgical, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures for varicose veins, which are performed in a modern way, using the endovascular laser EVLT or the CLaCS method. These are minimally invasive and outpatient procedures. In Blumental Clinic we also perform microsurgical removal of varicose veins called Miniflebectomy. Our methods are modern and gentle, with very little or no pain in the procedure.

The Blumental Clinic is a private specialist clinic and therefore you do not need a GP’s confirmation. Simply contact us to arrange an initial consultation. At the initial consultation, your varicose veins will be examined, a diagnosis and treatment will be determined and you can book an appointment for the procedure as agreed.

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