Surgical Treatments

Under Chronic Venous Disease we understand wide range of chronic conditions, connected to venous system, which originated in damaged venous wall. These are manifested in objective symptoms such as spider veins, varices, limb swelling, skin changes and vascular ulcers of lower extremities; as well as subjective symptoms of varicose veins, that is a sensation of heavy legs or tension, burning or cold sensation, pins and needles, itching, increased sweating and pain in legs, night time cramps, restless feet or swelling. These symptoms suggest state of disease, varicose veins, and therefore it is important to recognise them and find way how to treat them.

Endovenous Laser Treatment – EVLT

Endovenous Laser Treatment – EVLT – enables fast and effective treatment of varicose veins by laser. At our clinic, we use laser generator LASOTRONIX SMART M, to which we connect radial laser wire, 400 micrometers in diameter. The wire, inserted in treated vein, emits radiation at 1470nm wavelength, which is converted into heat and seals effected vein, which in turn, enables its absorption. The whole procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and guided by the ultrasound.

Fully digital, ultrasound diagnostic system Toshiba XARIO 100MxUSG is mapping machine enabling to explore affected vein without the necessity of larger cuts or in some cases without even leaving a scar (vein exploration is done by a puncture wound, which does not leave a scar). The biggest advantage of this procedure is that after the treatment, the pain is minimal. Post surgical reconvalescence is short, and therefore it is possible to quickly return to work.

This happens after the treatment

  • Patient will receive compression hosiery or elastic bandage
  • Patient can walk from 2 hours post op
  • Patient needs to refrain from exercising for 3 weeks
  • Patient is not allowed to take flights lasting longer than 4 hours for up to a month
  • Patient must walk on the first day – TWO walks lasting 30 minutes

Our Method

Here, at Blumental Clinic, we are using Laser Ablation, in other words, modern solution treatment of lower limbs varices. Using ultrasound scan as a guide, we map the veins to be treated on your skin. Then, through saphenous vein, under the back of your knee, we insert guide wire and a catheter. After the guide wire is removed, laser fibre is inserted instead. Laser fibre creates high temperature, which closes off the damaged vein without damaging its surroundings. The whole procedure can be done in walk in clinic and is undertaken under local anaesthetic. The treatment lasts 30-90 minutes, but that always depends on individual client suffering with dilated varicose veins.