Don’t wait to the last minute to have the tests

By 20. februára 2018Doctor's advice

Chronic conditions last long term. It is not possible to completely treat this disease; therefore it is necessary to have long term treatment, which will have positive effect. There are various treatments available.

If you are experiencing lower extremities problems, such as pain after physical activity, sensation of heavy legs, tension, swelling or visible spider veins or varicose veins, do not put off visiting your doctor.You never know what the condition will be like in your case. Mention your symptoms to your GP, who will examine your legs by sight and touch. Based on this exam, he will refer you to the vascular specialist.

Chronic venous conditions, for sure, do not present just aesthetic problem. Treatment can be accelerated by early diagnosis, regular doctor checkups, evaluating the development of the condition and effective continuous treatment. The advice for all conditions is that the sooner they are discovered, the less damage they cause. If the treatment is started early enough, you can expect faster improvement and better effect. The chronic venous disease is not an exception to the rule.

Do not hesitate; do not put off the tests. The sooner, the better.