Sclerotherapy and Mini Phlebectomy, Effective and Painless Treatment

By 30. apríla 2018Doctor's advice
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Every vein in human body can become varicose. Most often however, are affected lower extremities, below knee and feet. For many people, varicose veinsare just a cosmetic blemish and they are dealing with it just for the aesthetic reasons. It is quite possible that varices can cause very unpleasant pain and should not be underestimated. The sooner the treatment starts the better.


Cosmetic Microsurgical Removal

Mini phlebectomy – is a method to remove the side varicose veins through small incisions using specialist tools. This method is used when varices are so large that it is not possible to treat them by sclerotherapy or it is expected that they will not get absorbed after the radio-frequent, laser or mechanochemical removal. The treatment is done under local anaesthetic and the deformed vessels are removed by mini punctions. Mini phlebectomy is so called mini- operation. A small incision is created in the area of affected vein through which part of the vein is removed, allowing for local compression. After this simple procedure, the site of entry on the vein is closed off and incision closed by stitching.

For better effect, laser or medical sclerotherapy is used simultaneously. Special cosmetic stitches are also used. This combined with use of compression linen can achieve ideal cosmetic effect. Varicose vein treatment on legs is less traumatic. Patients recover quite quickly after the treatments and do not experience pain.



Sclerotherapy is one of the modern treatments, which can be carried out on walk in basis and does not require hospitalisation or being signed off work. Sclerotherapy is done by injecting sclerosant fluid, which damages inside layer of the treated vein. This causes inflammatory reaction resulting in breakdown of damaged vein. This method of removal of varicose veins is used for small cracked veins of diameter lesser than 1mm and small varicose veins of diameter of 1-3mm.

It is recommended to attend ultrasound exam i.e. Doppler test. On the day of sclerotherapy it is recommended to increase activity and in general, most patients report no pain after the treatment. However, after the treatment, there can be some bruising along the veins or thickened skin. You should not worry as this is natural reaction relating to closing off the veins.