Get rid of varicose veins before summer

By 19. apríla 2018Doctor's advice
krcove zily v lete

Chronic venous conditions carry many problems. During the summer months, there is high risk of developing complications or pain. During summer, there are more occurrences of problems typical for varicose veins such as sensation of heavy legs or swelling of lower extremities. It is clear that varicose veins are just not going to disappear; therefore it is necessary to deal with their removal at any time of the year. The sooner the better, no one wants to be ashamed of their legs in dress, skirt, shorts or swimming costume.

Long Distance Travel and High Temperatures

For people with varicose veins it is not recommended to travel long distances by plane or car. Unfortunately, every holiday is closely connected with travelling and relocating to a particular destination. Varicose veins in themselves are not causing so much concern; it is rather the possible complications. Among those are inflammation of superficial and deep veins or thrombosis causing pulmonary embolism. Another possibility is bleeding of ruptured vein or badly healing skin conditions, i.e. venous ulcer of lower limb. Also, legs get more swollen in high temperatures, activity of venous valves is reduced, the blood returning to the heart therefore can be compromised, pressure to the venous wall increases, which in turn worsens the condition of varicose veins.


Keep your legs moving

During the journey that is longer than three hours, it is not recommend wearing compression hosiery. If at all possible, move your feet and knees as often as possible. This will increase the blood flow in lower legs, which is the most important prevention of thrombosis. It is also necessary to drink plenty of fluids, less of coffee and no alcohol. Patients that suffered vein inflammation or embolism can preventively take blood thinning medication prior to travel.


Removing varices before the holidays

The best advice how to enjoy carefree summer holiday is to get rid of varicose veins before you go. There is no need to stay in hospital and it is painless. We need to warn you, if you are planning summer holiday on the beach, you will need to wait at least six weeks after the operation before you go. During your holiday do not forget to have regular leg exercise and plenty of fluids, so your legs can take the rest together with you.