Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments

Thin thread veins directly under the skin on your legs can be bothersome just like varicose veins. Usually they are not visible, but with time, they can come to the surface and get swollen and slightly inflamed. These veins are purple, dark blue or red in colour. It is better to seek solution for their removal rather than underestimating them. Spider veins are the first stage of chronic vein disease. Don’t let more serious symptoms of varicose veins to develop!

Cosmetic and aesthetic treatments

At Blumetal Clinic, we offer more than one treatment for removal of varicose veins. Those are:

  • Permanent Cosmetic laser treatment of spider veins and reticular veins,
  • Cosmetic microsurgical removal of varicose veins – Mini Phlebectomy,
  • Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy,
  • Complex angiography test, including ultrasound mapping and Ankle-Brachial Index measurement, lasting 20-30 minutes and examines venous system,

This happens after the treatment

  • Patient will receive compression hosiery or elastic bandage
  • Patient can walk from 2 hours post op
  • Patient needs to refrain from exercising for 3 weeks
  • Patient is not allowed to take flights lasting longer than 4 hours for up to a month
  • Patient must walk on the first day – TWO walks lasting 30 minutes

The Latest Method

At our specialised clinic we, as the only ones in Slovakia and Czech Republic, are using the latest modern method CL and CS (Cryolaser and Cryo Sclerotherapy). A combination of cryolaser QUANTA light C EVO with cooling appliance Zimmer Cryo 6 using sclerosant solution and high level of cooling. Sclerotherapy for this kind of feeder vein is done by high-tech infra camera VeinViewer Visio2.